Today’s consumers demand a customer-first approach

Automation and digital transformation have accelerated many aspects of the brand experience. But although people are interacting more with apps, self-service checkouts, websites and other technology, they still demand human connection.

This has been proven by independent research from the likes of PwC, McKinsey and Deloitte, and is supported by data think tanks that include YouGov.

Create an outstanding consumer experience

Customer experience has never been more vital to a brand, and consumers want to talk to real people when they contact a company.

A recent PwC survey shows that when it comes to human versus automated interaction, 82% of US consumers and 74% of non-US consumers want more human interaction in the future.¹

Research also establishes that people value, above all other tangible offerings:

  • Efficiency
  • Friendly service
  • Knowledgeable service
  • Human interaction

Independent research by Microsoft in 2017 explored the customer service channels used by most people. Telephone, and the act of talking to people, represented the most popular form of communication across all regions and age groups, except the UK where email slightly excelled.²

When we look at the evidence, it’s clear that human connection, instant knowledge, and direct telephone communication build great customer experience when used as part of an omni-channel approach.

The cost of not getting it right

At the same time, consumers increasingly hold brands and companies accountable for their customer experience. Research from GWI shows that when deciding which brand to purchase from, bad customer service concerned customers most.³

The consequences of not getting it right can be serious. Microsoft’s report reveals that 56% of people globally would stop doing business with a brand because of a poor customer service experience.⁴

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the bottom line

Human interaction matters.
Build your best customer experience.

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