Flying British Airways forward

How we can help British Airways deliver a memorable customer experience that makes their customers as comfortable as their flights.



Brand success depends on good customer experience.

Research shows that means being friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and, most importantly, human.

The importance of CX
2 people communicating


of UK consumers say they’ll want to interact with a real person more as technology improves. ¹



of UK consumers use the phone for customer service. It’s second only to email, making it an essential part of an omni-channel approach. ²

  1. PwC, Future of customer experience survey, 2017/18
  2. Microsoft, State Of Global Customer Service Report, 2017

So, what does exceptional customer experience look like?


Give customers an easy way to book and update their travel plans.

An easy to remember phone name will help any potential travellers call to mind your brand first when looking for ways to book their trips. Always be first in their mind when they want to get away.


Let customers easily check on the status of their trip.

With everything around planning trips constantly changing, providing an amount of certainty to your customers is an incredibly valuable trait for any top brand.


Help stranded and delayed customers find a way home.

There are few things more stressful and frustrating as a traveller than being delayed on a journey. An understanding, user-friendly service experience in times of need goes a long way toward earning their trust and brand loyalty.

Make it easy,
use your name

See how a phone name can reinforce your brand and stick in people’s minds through your own advertising.

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